Yumean – Shabu Shabu

What comes to mind when you think of Japanese food? Sushi perhaps? Udon? Soba?  Mmm, noodles are my favorite…but today I’m going to introduce another of my favorite Japanese foods! Shabu shabu! Now, I’m sure there are variations of this in other countries and the origins may come from a different culture, but for today let me claim this deliciousness as Japanese.

Now, I wouldn’t be a good blogger if I didn’t tell you where you could eat shabu shabu. The hubby and I headed to Yumean. It’s a “family restaurant” chain owned by the Skylark Group. If you’ve been to Japan you may be familiar with Gusto, Jonathan’s, Papageno, and various other chain restaurants that the company owns. By the way, family restaurant doesn’t mean family owned, it means restaurants that are more family oriented.

The Yumean nearest to us offers a shabu shabu all you can eat menu.

For 1,980 yen you can eat pork, beef, chicken, and healthy vegetables!
Kids can eat for cheaper, of course.

2If you have a large appetite and want to try more Japanese cuisine you can add on the premium menu for 400 yen! (without tax) We didn’t try any of the don (on rice) dishes, but the fried foods and udon noodles were superb! We may or may not have had seconds on the karaage chicken. You can also pick one dessert per person.

The shabu shabu comes with a kelp broth soup and for the other we decided to try the spicy broth. There were other choices, but I love anything spicy!

Some chicken and other “meats” to shabu shabu. I love gyoza!

Beef! I forgot to take a photo of the pork, but I’m definitely a pork shabu shabu person. Hubby likes beef though!

Lots of healthy vegetables! We tend to focus more on the meat though…hehehe

Once your soups come to a boil it’s time to eat!

Dipping sauces for your meat! A thick sesame sauce, a ponzu sauce, and a dashi based broth.

This karaage chicken was delicious! It was crispy and fried to perfection!

I know, I know. Not Japanese, but who can say no to freshly fried potatoes!?

You can also add on the drink bar for a few hundred yen and have a wide selection of beverages to pick from! Self serve is the family restaurant way!

Now, of course there are much more fancier shabu shabu restaurants with a higher quality of meat, but I found that Yumean’s shabu shabu was really good and I especially liked the side dishes we could order from the premium menu. I will definitely be going back again!

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