Yocco’s French Toast Cafe

I had the chance to visit Yocco’s French Toast Cafe with Ariel a while ago and am finally getting around to writing about it. There are so many cute little cafes and restaurants in the large AEON mall in Makuhari and I wouldn’t have thought to check it out if it weren’t for Ariel’s suggestion. I’m super glad we went though!

Yocco’s is on the end of the Grand Mall (Makuhari AEON is a huge mall that is split into 4 different buildings by genre) and it’s not especially close to the food court and is kinda just with other clothing stores. The interior of the cafe was really nice and made me wish that I had the sense to design my own room this way

Our waitress seated us at a cute little table in the corner with tiny little sofas. So comfortable! It’s really the perfect little cafe to take a break at after a long shopping spree ;D And trust me, this AEON is so huge that your feet will definitely be tired after a while.

The menus are so cute! Pink and black is the perfect combination of chic and girly. I’ll post a few photos of the inside down below. I was really impressed with the large selection of foods, drinks, and sweets for being such a small cafe.

It was early afternoon when we went and I had not eaten lunch yet so I opted for this yummy carbonara. Sometimes carbonara and other cream pastas can be too rich, but this one was perfect! It was creamy, but not too thick and at the same time wasn’t too runny either. When I was younger I used to love thin pasta like angel hair, but now I’m more of a thick pasta fan. When I cook pasta at home I tend to go for 8 mm pasta noodles and these noodles were perfect!

Ariel went for sweets and her pancakes looked absolutely delicious. She let me have a taste and they also tasted absolutely delicious! Chocolate, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and a little bit of whipped cream on the side. Perfection! I’m ashamed to say that I don7t remember what the two syrups were, but I do remember that the pancakes were plenty tasty and sweet even without the syrups.

A little peek at the menu!

Everything looks so good!

They even have a kids plate!

In conclusion I would say that Yocco’s French Toast Cafe was delightful! The prices were very reasonable and the food tasted awesome. I think both my pasta and Ariel’s pancakes cost 980 yen and if I remember correctly they came with a drink because it was lunch time. I might be wrong though….I guess that means I need to go back and try some more of their yummy food. I think since it’s called the French Toast Cafe that we need to try some french toast next time! If you’re in the Makuhari/Disney Resort area and have a free day I would definitely suggest you check out the AEON mall in Makuhari. There are so many cool shops and restaurants to check ou! There are also a few Yocco’s scattered across Tokyo and you can check their locations on their official website!


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