Yakiniku King [Korean BBQ]

I love food. Sweet, savory, I’m not picky. I try to avoid slimy food, but other than that as long as it doesn’t have eyeballs I can eat almost anything. One of my favorite meals is Yakiniku which basically translates to “grilled meat” and is probably better known in English as Korean BBQ.

The husband and I decided to head over to Yakiniku King which is a chain restaurant, but is super good! We went for the first time last year for his birthday and absolutely loved it. We actually hadn’t been since then, but a new one opened up near us and we knew it was a sign….to eat meat and get fat.

For those of you that are not familiar with Korean BBQ it’s a style of barbeque where the grill is set inside the table and you can sit and cook your meat yourself. I love it because you can eat hot food and cook it the way you like. Though, sometimes I forget to tend the meat on the grill and end up with charcoal….Oops.

The nice thing about Yakiniku King is that even though it’s an all-you-can-eat style restaurant you don’t have to walk over to a buffet table and claim your food. You can order directly from your seat and your waiter will bring drinks, meat, side dishes, and dessert to you!

The ordering system at Yakiniku King is awesome. There’s a little digital tablet sitting on your table that you can order from! Everything on the menu is on the tablet and all you have to do is touch it and press order. Your order goes to the kitchen and after a bit someone will bring out your food or drink! Also, since you have a 100 minute time limit the number in the upper right corner shows you how much time you have left until your last order.

Drinks are separate from the food menu, but if you order the all-you-can-drink menu for 390 yen you get unlimited refills so I would say it’s definitely worth it to add it on since each non-alcoholic drink is 230 yen and up. The drink menu has a large variety of teas, sodas, and dessert drinks. I stuck with oolong tea, but  my hubby tried some of the sweet drinks and they looked really good as well. I mean, who can say no to a strawberry mousse drink?

I thought the sauce dishes were awesome. One side it a little high than the other which creates a tiny slope so your meat doesn’t have to soak in the sauce while you cook and eat other things. Very considerate. I love it!

Speaking of sauces, they had a basic yakikinu sauce, a ponzu sauce, and a lemon sauce. The lemon sauce was super tart! I think it was supposed to be refreshing, but I didn’t realize it was lemon when I first tried it because most Korean BBQ restaurants usually have a salt based sauce so I just ended up being surprised.

Korean BBQ would not be complete without kimchi! I was super excited because they had cucumber kimchi and I feel like it’s really hard to find in Japan, but maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. Either way, it was super delicious and I may have had more than one dish of it.

Finally getting to the cooking! I was super impressed that they came halfway through our meal and offered to change the net we were grilling our meat on. Most places will do it if you ask, but I appreciated that they came around and offered. After cooking a bit of meat on the grill it tends to get all black and burnt.

Yummy meat and so much grease, but I don’t care! I love yakiniku so much! Here you can see the awesomeness of the sloped sauce dish. They also do provide little dishes for you to use as well if you prefer to cook all your meat first and then eat. I like to eat as I cook though!

This was an interesting one. It was called Sukiyaki something…I can’t remember the actual name, but anyway, sukiyaki is usually a hot pot dish where you cook your meat in broth and then dip it in egg so I thought it was cool that you could grill your meat and then dip it into the egg. Don’t worry, raw eggs are safe to eat in Japan!

Finally they had an abundance of side dishes and I think we probably ate our way through all of them, but here’s the one that I got a picture of. Karaage chicken! Japan’s version of fried chicken. It was so crisp, crunchy, and deeeelicious! One of my other favorites was deep fried takoyaki. Yummm. I also had a really good bibimbap as well!

You can see how unhealthy yakiniku is, especially if you eat the amount that we did, but it is really, really good. If you’ve never been to a Korean BBQ restaurant I would suggest you go right away! Yakiniku King has restaurants all over Japan and I think it’s a really great chain. The service was awesome and the food was delicious.



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