Tsukemen Noodles (Mitsuyado Sei-Men)

If you are visiting or live in Japan, ramen is something that you absolutely must eat. I love ramen, I could probably eat it three meals a day for a week and not get sick of it….maybe. Another noodle dish I love is tsukemen. Dipping noodles! Now, you may think, “Why do the noodles and soup have to be separate? That sounds like extra work to me.”

There is a reason they are kept separate! As you can see the noodles are much thicker than normal ramen noodles. That’s because the broth is much thicker and richer than a basic¬†ramen soup. (Though there are many types of rich ramen broths as well!) One reason to keep the noodles and soup separate is so that the noodles don’t get soggy as you let them sit in the soup while you eat. My husband definitely prefers firmer ramen noodles. Is it called al dente for Chinese noodles too?

This time I checked out the Mitsuyadou Sei-Men and I must say I was really impressed. As I mentioned above, tsukemen tends to have a very thick and rich broth which can get pretty greasy and heavy. At Mitsuyado they put a dash of yuzu (citron) in to the broth make sure you can finish your noodles without feeling weighed down by the soup. The nice thing about this place was that you get to choose the temperature of your noodles. Some people prefer to dip their cold noodles into the hot broth and enjoy both temperatures in their mouth, but both my husband and I like hot noodles with hot soup!

Tsukemen toppings! Hubby of course got the “everything” tsukemen and this is what it came with. Seaweed, soft boiled flavored egg, bean sprouts, and some chashu pork belly. Yum!

You can’t have ramen or tsukemen with out having gyoza (pot stickers)! Well, I can’t anyway. These were absolutely delicious! They were a bit larger than average sized gyoza and were packed full with meat and cabbage filling.

This was a side dish and it happens to be one of my favorite toppings. It’s a good “otsumami” (snack to go with alcohol) and even though I don’t drink I am a big fan of menma. These are bamboo shoot slices that have been simmered in a broth. They’re so good!

I love noodles and my husband is pretty picky about good ramens and tsukemens so we were really happy to find that we liked Mitsuyado Sei-Men. It looks like they have restaurants all over Japan and even in the Philippines and Korea too! If you’re looking to try some delicious noodles make sure to see if there’s one in your area! Next time I go back I want to try the tsukemen with cheese sauce! It sounds so bizarre to me, but I am a total cheese lover so I’ll have to try it! You can check out their menu for yourself and drool over the delicious looking dishes!

What is your favorite type of noodle dish?

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