{Tokyo Station} Kit Kat Chocolatory


Japan has many wonderful places to go but one I was particullarly looking forward to was the Kit Kat store! There are 5 locations around Japan now and I’m sure there will be more in the near future. Japan is known for its exclusive to Japan Kit Kat flavors!! I went to the Tokyo Station location which isn’t in Tokyo Station itself but right outside in the Daimaru shopping mall in the basement! They have a few unique flavors that change every month or so. Check out their official site for the latest info.

IMG_4325 IMG_4320 IMG_4317 copy IMG_4321 IMG_4332

It was so exciting seeing all the choices! They had very interesting flavors (one was butter). They also have a tiny history display of Kit Kats. The coolest part was probably the Kit Kat chandeliers. The store was smaller than I expected but there are bigger ones around Tokyo!


We chose Sakura Green Tea which was very delicious and usually I don’t care for Green Tea flavored treats! We also got Cream Cheese and Strawberry Maple boxes, I liked Strawberry a lot but Cream Cheese not so much (too cheesy)! There are 4 mini Kit Kats in each box. The Sublime Kit Kats were the show stealer and I would go back just for them!! Thank you for reading and we would love to know which is the most unique or interesting flavors you’ve tried?


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