Tokyo Disney Sea {Valentines Day Season}


Last Tuesday was my first time going to Disney Sea, I’m not sure why I waited so long to go but I can’t wait to go back. I planned my trip out the best I could using Abi’s Tokyo Disney site. I always feel better when I can just look up stuff on her site, like where to get the best Duffy merchandise! Also checking out the official site is good for seeing what each park has to offer.

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While waiting for the park to open we spotted the Frozen train! As soon as the park opened we rushed to get fast passes for the Toy Story Mania ride. Unfortunately so did everyone else! After waiting about 40min we got our fast passes but they were for around 7PM. It’s no surprise that ride is the most popular. If it’s not a must for you going around to the other lands would have less people around the parks opening.

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Seeing all the cute decorations for Valentines and Duffy everywhere was so fun. The stores and rides are really beautiful looking as well.

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After getting the fast passes we hopped on the trolly to head to Port Discovery and ride Storm Rider. We got to meet Max and saw Mr. Incredible while waiting. I really enjoyed Storm Rider and it’s really fun and well made! Sadly Aquatopia was closed because it’s not really a winter ride.

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We tried some Milk Tea Popcorn, that tasted just like the real thing! I was so excited to get a Duffy or one of his friends. It’s a nice souvenir since they can only be found at Disney Sea. I chose Shellie May~ There was even more cute decorations of Duffy around Cape Cod! We ran into Thumper outside Aunt Pegs Duffy shop.

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We rode the Transit Steamer, it gives you a really peaceful tour around the park. It’s great to take a little peek around each land and find out where to go next. We hung out around Mysterious Island where they have the prettiest restaurant. The prices are expensive but you can ask to go see inside! Right outside the restaurant is the room of Illusions, which is really cool to see.


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We headed to Mermaid Lagoon for lunch. I think Mermaid Lagoon was the prettiest place but I also got to see my name everywhere so it might have swayed my decision. We ate at Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen. They had great pizza and it was recommend by Abi. Then we played in Ariel’s Playground which might look like its for kids at first but you can find Ariel’s Grotto and all kinds of places and characters from the movie! It gets scary inside the ship though. The staff have such lovely outfits in Mermaid Lagoon.

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After lunch it was on to 20,000 leagues under the sea that we were able to get fast passes for. That ride was really neat and made you feel you were really under water but without being in water at all! They have photo spots all over the park for your Duffys, Shellie Mays or Gelatonis. If you’re not from Japan like me the idea of carrying around a stuffed animal around a theme park might seem embarrassing but trust me its 100% encouraged here! I loved carrying around my new Shellie May and taking photos and seeing everyone around me do the same.

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Then we headed to the Arabian Coast to ride Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage! The Arabian Coast is a close second for most beautiful place but maybe if my name was Jasmine hehe. I really loved this land and seeing the Jasmine fountain really put me over the edge of happy. I wish I could live there ha but I think everyone has wished that at one point!

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More photo spots and decorations, if you’re not a fan of Duffy and friends going to Disney Sea you’ll most likely end up loving them when you leave! We rode the gondolas but it wasn’t what I expected, my sister liked it but I was embarrassed (he was a good singer but just not expecting singing) when they started singing to us. We did get a mini Italian lesson though. We said Arrivederci to the Mediterranean Harbor and headed back to the American Water front to ride…

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The Tower of Terror!! I am not a fan of big scary rides (my husband and sister are though) but I was pretty pleased with myself for trying it. It was fun but super scary and right now until mid March it’s got a different kick to it which makes it even scarier. Some how I ended up posing for the picture but I was really just waving hello to the park right before my heart sunk into my chest. I still can’t get over finally going on the Tower of Terror and the shop afterwards makes you feel better with all the plushies looking scared too (so you don’t feel alone).

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It was finally time for Toy Story Mania! It’s my favorite ride easily but it gives you a good workout. I came in second out of the group but I will do better next time! Then it was snack and dinner time, we got Little Green Men mochi at the New York Deli and then on to the Arabian Coast for a Curry Dinner. After dinner we wanted to get one last ride in so we rode the carousel on the second floor.

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Finally it was time for shopping. The shops were decorated so cool, there was even a shop that was just Fantasia themed! After a little shopping it was time to head home. I truly loved my time at Disney Sea! There’s more rides that are scary here but there is so many places for the whole family or for those of you that also don’t like scary rides. I’m already counting the days until I return XD. Thanks for reading and if you have a Duffy or his friends please share with us because we’d love to see.

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