The Nihon Ki-In {Go Association}

Do you have an interest in Go? Well if you’re in Japan make sure to check out the Nihon Ki-In or Japan Go Association. I went to the Ichigaya building where the Go Hall Of Fame and Museum are located. You can also trade English practice for Go lessons from the Go Masters and other aspiring Go players. There are a few other building around Japan, for more information check out their official site! For those that don’t know, Go is board game originating from ancient China that has become popular throughout the world!

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Just a quick walk from the Ichigaya station and you’ll find yourself at the Ki-In. I learned about this from my friends and it’s definitely an experience I won’t soon forget! The practice is every Tuesday at 6PM otherwise you can go any other day but there might be a small fee to play.

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In the basement there is a free Museum to see, it’s small and no one else was there but it was very interesting!! There is a lot to learn when you first jump into Go, I met so many nice people who had such a powerful interest in the game and while a little overwhelming I also learned many things I would have never know had I not gone to the Ki-In. The museum showed old tables and stones that were beautiful and well crafted! I bet they’d be super expensive now though!! I hope you enjoy your time there and let us know if you go~Oh and make sure to read Hikaru No Go to learn about Go in a fun way through manga!! Thanks for reading.

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