TeenKarbel (A lovely bakery)

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My favorite bakery TeenKarbel in Japan is in Narashino, Chiba. It always has the cutest decorations on the outside and the most delicious treats on the inside. It’s a Japanese/French bakery that has been around since 1993. Last week was Valentines Day so there was lots of choices to have our own little party. There is another location in Yotsukaido Chiba.

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I love their Macaroons but their pudding is so inviting. As far as bakeries go in Japan, TeenKarbel is also inexpensive (which might also play a part as to why it’s my favorite).

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There was mostly Valentines stuff but I found early Easter surprises around. They also make cute gift baskets which I always find myself buying for my family. There are so many cookies, pastries and cakes to choose from it’s a great way to try something new though!

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Cakes are a little expensive so for around the same price you could pick out five different mini cakes and pastries. I thought that was better so everyone could have their favorite (what do you guys think?). Everything we got was really delicious and I was happy to get such a cute bunny cup. If you ever get the chance to visit TeenKarbel let us know what you tried!! Thanks for reading and if you have a favorite Bakery or are curious about one let us know and we’ll try to go~

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