Sanrio Puroland

After growing up in Japan my whole life I finally got the chance to visit Sanrio Puroland. I’ve always been more of a Disney girl, but I very much like cute and pastel-y too! I actually went back in November and am just not going through my photos. Currently Puroland is celebrating My Melody’s 40th anniversary!

Finally here! Magical Puroland!

Happy 40th Anniversary, Hello Kitty! You’re almost twice as old as I am!

Cute tickets! And yes, it was a while ago…Sorry.

Inside of Puroland! I see My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Tuxedo Sam, Hangyodon, and I don’t know who the bear and other rabbit are…Do you?

Minna saiko, arigato! ← Avril Lavigne reference.

We stood in line for quite a while to get on the Sanrio Character Boat Ride. The crazy thing was that the queue line ran through a major part of the building, including the entrance area. I guess they didn’t expect so many people to come when they built Puroland.

Cinnamoroll! Baking up some sweets in the kitchen!

Taking a break from all the hard work or just slacking? Hmmm…

Those eyes aren’t scary at all.

I need a Pochakko mail box in front of my house.

More cooking. Pom Pom Purin is making pudding, how appropriate.

Because having the chickens laying eggs right in the kitchen is so sanitary.

Another Cinnamon! He’s a dog…right?

I recognize Usa Hana!

Time for some cute food!

Little Twin Stars!

Next ride! My Meroad Drive!

The tracks. lol

My Melody and her friends picking strawberries!

There was a Kuromi camera in almost every room! At the end of the ride you could pick the photos you wanted to use and make a collage.

My Sweet Piano! What a crazy name for a little lamb. I always liked the little mouse.

Evil Kuromi is evil…yet still super cute at the same time.

Okay so, my honest review. To start off I want to say that if you’ve ever been to a Disney park you’re going to feel quite underwhelmed. Everything was cute, the rides were very mild,  I didn’t get to see any of the shows up close, but the music sounded upbeat and fun. I would have liked to try more of the cute foods, but since we went on a weekend it was packed and I mean PACKED. There were lines everywhere and people sitting on the stairs (waiting for shows, I think) and it was pretty chaotic. I thought it was pretty interesting that you could purchase tickets to get straight on rides and into other attractions. A little different from the FastPass system I’m familiar with, but it works. I would be interested to go back on a weekday just to enjoy the cute decorations and see the shows up close.

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