Ryujinkyo Koinobori Festival

Over Golden Week I had the chance to visit Ryujinkyo or Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge and it is the longest pedestrian bridge on the main island! Lots of facts and numbers to go along with that, but the main reason I decided to go was because they’re having a koinobori festival! A koinobori is a carp streamer that is used to celebrate Children’s Day! Unfortunately this festival was only until the 17th, but you can take a peek at my photos!

Around 1,000 carp streamers are hung! On a breezy day they look like they’re swimming!

It costs 310 yen to cross the bridge, but it’s worth it!

Up close! The colors are so vibrant and pretty!

Numbers and information about the bridge.

More carp streamers and a glimpse of the dragon! Ryu means dragon in Japanese!

This bridge is also the home of the highest bungee jump in Japan.

You can’t go sightseeing without eating a dango!

I’m not sure if these trees were cherry blossoms or not, but they were almost at the end of the season. This is also a really nice place to visit in the fall as the leaves change. I’m not much of a nature person, but I love this spot a lot and have been here a few times before. If you get a chance to visit make sure you check the website and see if they are having any special events.┬áhttp://ohtsuribashi.ryujinkyo.jp/


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