Pom Pom Purin 20th Anniversary “Daisuki” Exhibit Preview

Today I had the chance to go check out the Pom Pom Purin “Daisuki” Exhibit in Ginza! Myself and 49 other lucky “Pombassadors” got to have a sneak peek at the exhibit a day early and I am going to share some photos from the very awesome experience I had!


A few weeks ago I signed up on the Sanrio website to become a Pombassador and entered myself into a lottery for this preview event. I was very surprised and excited when I found an email in my inbox saying that I had been picked!


As you walk into the exhibit you are welcomed by 203 Pom Pom Purins! That’s a lot of pudding! If you stand in front of the screen you can see yourself wearing a Pom Pom Purin hat. By the way, for those of you that don’t know, Pom Pom Purin is a golden retriever! For the longest time I knew that he was a dog, but not what breed.


For Pom Pom Purin’s 20th anniversary the town he lives in has been expanded! Purin Town looks like a really fun and pleasant place to live in! I like that there are a lot of food options in this town.


This is Pom Pom Purin’s basket where he lives, because he is a dog after all! It’s also a really cute photo op and you can stand behind the basket with Purin!


This is Purin’s favorite plush and you can see by the wear and tear that he loves it very much!


Here are the original sketches for Pom Pom Purin when he was being created. I was told that Purin was the winner of a character contest among the workers at Sanrio! He didn’t start out as being a golden retriever and he also didn’t have his pudding beret either.


Here is a 20 year old Pom Pom Purin who belongs to the original artist. He looks a little worn, but also very loved! I know that my 25 year old bunny plush looks just as worn…if not more.


Concept art for merchandise!


This was before the age of computers when everything was hand drawn. How tedious!


Did you know that there is a Twitter account for a group of Sanrio Boys who love Sanrio characters? They are not an anime, manga, and do not exist in real life. Interesting, huh?


Here we have something that I absolutely adore. Sweets!


Of course we can’t forgot merchandise. As you reach the end of the exhibit you are welcomed into a gift shop with both exclusive and non-exclusive merch. Some items are being released here first before they hit other stores!


Pom Pom Purin ALL the things!


They also had a small cafe with very cute Pom Pom Purin themed food.

The Pom Pom Purin Daisuki Exhibit will run from March 9th – 14th at Matsuya Ginza. Please check their website for directions. The exhibit is on the 8th floor and there is a 500 yen entrance fee. There was so much more to see than what I posted here so I hope you will have a chance to make a visit and enjoy all the cuteness for yourself!


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