Owl Cafe in Chiba

Chiba, Chiba the city so nice they named it twice or at least it’s one of my favorite go to places! A lot of interesting places can be found in Chiba city. I’m really into animal cafes recently because they seem to be unique to Japan or at least the trend started around Japan. I visited another owl cafe called Owl Castle that was right in my backyard (not literally of course)! It can be tricky to find so a quick search on the old maps app will lead the way!

IMG_1951 IMG_1953

Even the police station in Chiba City is ready to embrace owls as it’s ideal animal!

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Some sights to see along the way~ Owl Castle is a little bit different than the owl cafe we went to last time. This one serves alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and food!

IMG_1841 IMG_1842 IMG_1866 IMG_1856 IMG_1914

There was a few other differences, one being there are falcons here! If you know birds you’ll know they’re not very friendly birds and we were advised not to touch them…huh?! “Well then why are they there?” you might be asking yourself. The reason is they were raised in captivity and that this little owl cafe is also a pet store! But prices are pretty steep, especially on the owls. They also have an option to feed the birds (for a few extra yen that is) but we could each feed a few seafood bits to our favorites that came with our one hour reservation! Reservations only overlap by 10 mins each way so you’ll have plenty of quality time with these owls.

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They had a few baby owls that were old enough to live without their mothers. The twins were the cutest because they liked the couch! There is a gift shop (that has the cutest owl accessories) and they had a bunch of books for sale on how to take care of owls. Owl Castle has a few other locations around Japan too, you can check their official website for more and don’t forget to make reservations in advance! Thanks for reading and I hope you love seeing Owls as much as we do!!

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