One Piece Restaurant: Baratie

Are any of you One Piece fans? If you are you’re going to love this post! I had the opportunity to go to the One Piece Restaurant in Fuji TV a few weeks ago. It was actually my first time going to Fuji TV so it was a lot of fun just to look around the different shops and displays they had available to the public. Unfortunately it was rainy that day and we didn’t bring an umbrella…Oops!

If you’ve ever visited Odaiba this building may look familiar to you. Fuji TV!

As you walk in to the restaurant Sanji is waiting in front of the counter to greet you. Can you see Luffy’s hand reaching over to grab the meat? The atmosphere was really nice and it was made to resemble the real Baratie. In case you didn’t know, Baratie was the restaurant that Sanji worked in before he joined Luffy’s crew.

The hamburger that I ordered. I asked the staff what the ball was on top and they weren’t sure…Hmmm. After asking a few more people we finally decided it was something “kinda like mochi” but it really wasn’t. It was more like a bland ball of dough. Perhaps made out of rice something, hence the mochi explanation.

The chicken that my friend ordered. It looked really yummy!

The treasure box of fried food that my hubby ordered.

Something healthy to go with his fried food.

His salad came with two types of dressing. That’s really thoughtful!

Dessert time! Thousand Sunny and Going Merry!

This dessert was called Going Merry’s Farewell and the waitress set the little stick of chocolate (and chunk of lard?) on fire. It was interesting to watch, but really short. Which is good I guess because I wanted to eat it!

QOTD: Who is your favorite One Piece character?
I am a huge Sanji and Chopper fan. Luffy is a very close 3rd though!


  1. MmeLeota says:

    For that last photo where you mentioned the little stick of chocolate set on fire, it looks more like a sugar cube that was probably dipped in a bit of alcohol or something to make it flame up nicely. I’ve seen that before for some desserts.

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