Odaiba {Land of the big Gundam}


Odaiba is a splendid place to go hang out in, lots to do and see. There are a few stations that can get you to Odaiba but we took the Rinkai Line to Tokyo Teleport Station and met up with Abi. There is a ton of attractions here like a Giant Ferries Wheel, Malls Galore, the Hello Kitty Cafe, and more! The Rainbow Bridge is also in Odaiba and is a great sight to check out especially during the night.

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I definitely get a Minecraft vibe while walking around Odaiba. The cool building with the sphere in the middle is Fuji Television Studios. There is a One Piece restaurant in the Fuji TV building that Abi went to. There’s so many random but awesome statues to check out (I’m sure they have meanings).

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You can see the Statue of Liberty…!?! Yeah it was a little weird to see it’s replica at first but kind of funny since I’ve never seen the real thing back home. There’s a perfect view of Tokyo and the Rainbow Bridge right by the statue.

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I think the biggest attraction would be the life size (if it was real) Gundam. He’s huge and a great photo opportunity. He’s right outside of Driver City mall. There is also a Gundam cafe and shop, it’s really the perfect place for fans!

IMG_4663 IMG_4667 IMG_4662 IMG_4672

We went to Driver Mall for the Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty but stayed for the interesting shops. Of course there is a Hello Kitty store and other character cafes, if you’ve been to character street you’ll get that same feeling of cute stuff around every corner. There is a Round 1 on the top floor and plenty of shops for anyone’s likes.

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The other big mall around there that we checked out is Aqua City. We had a great time finding all the fish from Finding Nemo XD. There was a strip in the mall of ‘American’ feeling shops. It was really fun to see old stuff and Candy from the US. I’m not familiar with Captain Santa but they had lots of treats from around the world. It was a great time exploring Odaiba and I’m looking forward to going back real soon! If you haven’t already checked out Abi’s awesome post on the Hello Kitty Cafe make sure to. Thanks for reading and we hope you’re getting a nice taste of spring (or fall to our readers in the southern hemisphere)!


  1. Richelle says:

    I loved Odaiba when I was there. There’s also a few UFO catcher arcades around there where Alex and I spent most of their time there, haha.

    I didn’t realize they had so many themed cafés, we must’ve missed all those. We were just wondering around the area but spent most of our time at the Venus shopping mall (I think that’s what it was called?) And we also spent a lot of time at the Toyota exhibit place.

    • Ariel says:

      Oh thats so cool! I don’t think you missed them, I’m pretty sure they’re all newer but the Hello Kitty one is only a year old. I hope you can go back soon!

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