Nakano Broadway : Toys and Games galore!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Nakano Broadway before, but if haven’t Nakano is located in the greater Tokyo area. Right outside the North exit of Nakano Station you’ll find yourself right across from the Sun Mall. From there you’ll head into the long walkway until you reach the end which is another mall called Nakano Broadway. It’s a paradise for toy collectors (especially for those who love 80s and 90s toys). Not to mention the selection of old video games and board games will blow you away. You can find the weirdest and coolest things here! To plan your trip you can check the official site here!

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The long walk down the Sun Mall always feels surreal, as you walk with and against a sea of people it seems like you’ll never reach the end. If you’re the type that doesn’t like crowds then visiting during a weekday is the best option to beat the rush. But Nakano Broadway is slowly becoming a tourist hot spot and is definitely getting more popular with each day!

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The mascot is named Pi Pi ( ピピ). I’m not entirely sure what it is but you’ll see it throughout the mall, it’s cute in its own way.

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At the time we went, there was a Hatsune Miku event, mainly showcasing art of Snow Miku!  You can find a lovely little Peko Chan store on the first floor. Her outfits change with different holidays and events. This time she was in a dress that was inspired by the Lolita fashion. Valentines Day is in full swing at the Peko Chan store!

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There are a bunch of shops that sell UFO Catcher items as well as Gatchpon items. You can also find old items, The Anne Of Green Gables CD is what some CDs used to look like in Japan. It was interesting to see such small CDs but they work in any player and are pretty good to have for music lovers! I know it’s the digital age but I always like physical copies better.

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Another really famous thing about this mall is it’s option to try the 8 layer Ice Cream. We had to get it once we saw how amazing it was but I wouldn’t recommend it on hot days or if you’re alone unless you don’t get brain freezes and can eat really fast. It took the three of us to use the little spoons and slowly scrape away at it to finish. You can’t choose the flavors, so it ended up being half delicious and half interesting! Nonetheless it was a great thing to check off the list! The flavors starting from the top were Ramune, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Sesame, Matcha and Sweet Potato.

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It seems hard not to go to freshness burger when ever I go to Nakano. It’s yummy and cheap and with all the walking around it’s perfect to get your energy up! The drinks are especially delicious.

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Daiso is a great store that is already considered a dollar store but you tend to find lots of merch that is more than a 100 yen but with the 100 yen shop it’s just icing on the cake! Ah and Vending Machines, something I take a photo of every time I see them and I’m not sure why but these were particularly cute!

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I’m a sucker for toys from my childhood. Prices are a bit on the expensive side but you can find the occasional great deal. I honestly just love looking at the toys in person, even if you can’t take them home. I bet the worlds smallest shop is in this mall and there are a million toys to look at with only one place to stand. I recommend looking at each floor’s Mandrake and Robot Robot, but the best stuff is on the 3rd and 4th floors in those stores. You can even find a huge selection of past items from Tokyo Disney. Yes those are playing cards that are decorated like Bento boxes!

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A cute little bread shop on the way back to the station that smelled so good (random I know). But I need to remember to try it next time because with every bakery you gotta go early to get the best bread! If you get the chance to go to Tokyo make sure you schedule some time to stop into Nakano Broadway because it’s a really fun & exciting place! If you guys try that Ice Cream let me know what you thought?! Thanks for reading!!




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    Thank you for this post, Abi! I’ve been to Japan for several times now, but can’t believe I’ve never been to Nakano Broadway! I’ll make sure to check it on my next trip :D

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