Kotori Cafe

Hello! Today I am going to introduce a really cute cafe I had the chance to visit last month. Now, I am going to start off by saying that I am not a bird fan (nor am I a hater, don’t panic!) but my friend who was visiting is a fanatic! She owns an adorable cockatiel and we couldn’t pass up this cafe. Fortunately for us it was right across the street from the Ghibli Museum that we visited earlier in the day. There are also other Kotori Cafes in Omotesando and Kitasenju.

It’s so tiny and cute. I love the sign.
As we had our tea so many people would pause to look in the window at the pretty birds.

Cockatiels having a meal together.

The cafe only offered a very simple tea menu (and beer…o.o) but all of the sweets were bird themed and very cute! For a themed cafe I thought that the prices were decent.

My cockatiel mousse came in a bird cage!

Is this not the most adorable mousse you’ve ever seen?

I got my mousse as a set so I also got a little bird cookie.

Even my cafe latte glass was bird themed!

This little birdie was really cute and came right up to the window.

I didn’t realize birds had such fine and soft looking feathers.

Because I always try to give honest reviews, I will say that the quality of the mousse was not top notch, but as most character and themed cafes I am satisfied to think that I am paying for the atmosphere and not for gourmet food. The cafe required that each person order one food or one drink, but I think that’s reasonable. I didn’t get any photos of it, but there was a whole wall lined up with bird merch. My friend went absolutely crazy there. There was so much merch! There was a huge variety and everything was absolutely adorable. If you’re a bird fan this is a must go!

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