Komeda Coffee Cafe

I love cafes. I’m one of those people that could spend all day in a cafe reading, writing, planning, and just wasting time on my phone. On the other hand there’s my husband who does not like to stay at restaurants once the food is gone. Stopping to relax for a cup of coffee and a dessert isn’t on his fun list, but I think we’ve found a happy medium with Komeda Coffee.

Komeda Cofee may look like a cute cafe from the outside, but they have a hearty menu that will fill any food lovers stomach to overflowing. Okay, maybe not to overflowing because that would just be gross. Full to the brim anyway. I think Japanese food samples are an art, a very delicious looking art. I don’t know if there are other countries that display fake food in their restaurants, but Japan is certainly known for it.

Komeda Coffee is known for their Shiro-Noir a warm danish with an icy cold soft serve on top. If you ever get a chance to go this is a must try!

I loved that the Komeda logo was on pretty much everything, even their water glasses!

If you order a drink you get a small bag of complimentary fried peanuts. Kinda like an airplane.

My husband’s sweet coffee milk. It was just that, coffee and milk.

My lemon squash. It tasted very fresh and delicious!

Katsu sandwich! The bread was toasty, but soft and the katsu was crispy.

Perhaps the katsu was a bit on the thin side, but still very delicious!

Gratin! I loved this! It was cheesy, creamy, and perfect.

Of course we had to get a shiro-noir. We were very full by the time we were done with our main dishes though so we got a mini sized one. Not shown in the photo, but they also give you a small jug of syrup that you can pour over the danish. It tasted like maple syrup, but the consistency was a bit thicker.

The great thing about Komeda Cofee is that they’re a chain restaurant so you can find them all over and the even better thing is that they are open for breakfast! Here are Komeda Coffee’s in the Tokyo area and you can check out their menu on their official website.


  1. KumaSweetDream says:

    Wow! looks like a very tasty cafe! I love looking at the fake food displays because often they look very real!

  2. Sarah says:

    This food makes me extremely hungry and so yeah. I would love to try things like this in the future to be honest Japanese food makes me giggly and happy its amazing.
    thanks a lot…

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