Harajuku: Around Takeshita St.

After the last adventure with the Cafe we decided to walk around Takeshita St. (Takeshita Dori as it’s known in Japan). This is a very tourist filled, crowed place but it’s got a lot of cool shops to check out if you’re into Jfashion or cute cafes.


I’ve always heard good things about this shop but had never been. Paris Kids was a lovely inexpensive shop that has the cutest earring for only about 300 yen. Despite the name it was mostly women in their 20s & 30s shopping in there, because who doesn’t love a good bargain. Right now there’s a big fashion craze with puffy pom pom earrings and I had to get a pair myself, happy to have found them!

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Harajuku particularly Takeshita St. is known for it’s crepes, I couldn’t tell you which place is the best because I seem to love them all but you’re in for a treat either place you try! And if you’ve always wanted to break into the Lolita fashion or just want dresses on the cheaper side, Bodyline is in the middle and not a bad place to start. There’s also a Closet Child, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, ect. in La Forte and down the road.

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The famous Harajuku Sanrio store is known for selling products that you can only buy at that store and it’s a lovely souvenir to have! The “cute” mascot character is from a line of Bath Salts called Bakkantou from Bison. They were giving away free bath salts that specilize in making you sweat out all the bad chemicals in your body. It was really nice, you can check out their site if you want to try some yourself.

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I’ve been down this street many times but I’ve never seen the lonesome house there before and it’s an interesting thought of how this street might have looked a long time ago. Sadly there was a notice informing everyone of it’s demolishment soon. Candy A-Go-Go is where Avril Lavigne shot her infamous music video, which plays on a loop at the store XD. I like that candy shop because you can find Pop Rocks!!

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If you’re up for a walk past Takeshita St. then you’ll find Toy Sapiens, a store that specializes in toys like action figures and Funko Pop figures. Lots of Marvel stuff *wink wink*. It’s not to difficult to find but you can always use this map! There’s a taste of some of the shops but it changes so frequently you can bet you’ll see more posts from Latte Japan around this area! Thanks for reading~

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