Fujiko F. Fujio Museum (Doraemon Museum)

Some of you may be thinking, “Fujiko F. Fujio? Who’s that?!”

So I thought it would be better if I called it the “Doraemon Museum”! Does that sound  more familiar to you? I would like to think that almost every child (and adult?) in Japan knows who Doraemon is. My friends around me and I grew up reading the manga, watching the anime, and going to the movies to see Doraemon and his friends. What you may not know is that Doraemon’s artist wrote a lot of different mangas! I was only familiar with a few of the more well-known characters like Korosuke and Paaman.

The main part of the museum was off limits to cameras (and mice!) so I don’t have any photos of inside the building, but it was really, really nice. As you go in to the museum you are given a small device that looks like a small walkie-talkie. In the galleries there are numbers on the different displays which you can enter in your device and listen to the audio tour corresponding with the display. It’s available in English too!

My friends and I headed to the restaurant because I had heard that the themed food was too cute to pass up! Again, this was in December so the latte is a Santa Doraemon. The cool thing was that the latte designs are all random so we were really lucky to get the seasonal design! The character on the left is Chinpui. He claims that the animal he most resembles is a mouse.

This set was called Gian to (and) Katsudon. (ジャイアンとカツ丼 = Giant Katsudon)
It’s a bit hard to translate into English, but it’s a cool play on words with the character’s name.

Korosuke Carbonara! Of course it came with a Korokke!

Doraemon Christmas Gratin with minestrone soup.

The tricky part about this museum is that you can only buy tickets at a Lawson convenience store .The museum website has instructions in English, so if you’re interested in making a visit and  you’re not familiar with Japanese, check it out! You can also check out the whole cafe menu there as well. However, the museum has no parking so we had to find a paid parking lot that wasn’t too far away. Other than that I had a great experience and would love to go back again sometime. The food was delicious and it was great to learn about Fujiko F. Fujio. We even got to watch a short movie!

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