Costco in Japan

I always try to introduce something that is at least a little bit “Japanesey” on this blog, but today I thought I would write about something that is not Japanesey, but is in Japan! Costco! I remember the first time I went to Costco in Japan when I was 10 in 2000! (Time really flies, doesn’t it!) My parents would take my brother and I maybe every other month and we would stock up on all the goodies! I remember we were all especially excited to find bagels and salsa.

I’ve found that the clothes at Costco are not always the cheapest, but the children’s clothes are very popular as the styles and designs are foreign looking and bright to the Japanese customers. Last year for Christmas I got my husband’s nieces some princess dresses from here and they absolutely loved them!

Would you care for Elsa’s castle? I’m not sure where this would fit in a Japanese sized home! I am always excited by the large selection of books and toys. They have a good collection of children’s books in English and a lot of coloring and sticker books.

If you’re visiting Japan and run out of room to put all of your Kit Kats and “kawaii” merchandise, a good option might be to stop by Costco and pick up another suitcase for a reasonable price! I have the navy one shown in the photo and I’ve been using it for almost a year now. It made it safely to and from Japan without getting scuffed up too much.

There’s a good selection of both U.S. based and Japan based frozen foods!

This is my husband’s favorite dessert from Costco. Tiramisu! It’s only 1,200 yen, but it’s a bit large for the two of us. It’s definitely not a traditional tiramisu, but it’s very delicious. It’s more of a chocolate cake with a mascarpone flavored cream and a hint of coffee flavor.

Fresh sushi! This is another favorite!

Personally I like this set a lot better and I would like it even more if it was just salmon!

Another reasonably priced favorite is the oven chicken!

Missing snacks from home? You’ll be able to find some at Costco!

My Japanese friends are always amazed at how cheap it is. 180 yen for a hot dog with a refillable drink. Another highlight is the fact that they have Mountain Dew! It’s nearly impossible to find Mountain Dew in Japan so that makes Costco trips very special and exciting.

Though not as good as Disney churros, I love the twist churros at Costco!

The pizza is always good at Costco, but my number one item is the chicken bake. It’s a chicken cream stew stuffed bread and is so tasty! The bulgogi bake is very good as well, but I’ve found that I get a little tired of the flavor after eating a few bites.

If you have a Costco members card from your home country it should work in Japan! So if you’re feeling a little homesick for familiar food or need to pick up an extra suitcase it might be good to look up the nearest Costco! There aren’t as many Costcos in Japan as there are in the States, but if you’re in the Tokyo area you should be able to find one without having to travel too far. (If you’re staying by Tokyo Disney Resort the nearest Costco is only 20 minutes away!)

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