Calbee Plus

If you are a potato chip fanatic like me, you will be familiar with the name Calbee. For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, Calbee is a very popular company that makes and sells mainly savory snacks. They make one of my very favorite potato chips. The Pizza Potato! It’s so good, but today I am not here to share the goodness of the pizza potato with you. Today I am here to share my experience at the Calbee Plus shop! Last month I had a chance to browse Takeshita Street in Harajuku with my friend and while I’ve been to Harajuku numerous times, I’ve never really taken the time to look in random shops.

I was familiar with the Calbee Plus shop as I’ve seen it being featured on TV and I’ve also seen the shop when I went to Tokyo Skytree. This was my first time though to go in and actually try the potato deliciousness that they offered.

It was quite a small shop, but thankfully there was no line! Probably because it was a weekday. I try not to venture into Tokyo too much on the weekends because I am a total country bumpkin (and proud of it!! ;D) and I would never survive the massive crowds.

So many different things to try! I am a total fan of dipping my french fries in my milkshakes/frosties so the freshly fried potato chips with soft serve ice cream looked very good to me, but my friend and I decided to try it on another occasion.

Since it was December when we went the shelves were lined with special Christmas boxes!

Little sampler packs of Jyagariko with lots of different flavors to try!

Workers making the delicious chips of unhealthiness!

We ended up getting the freshly fried Jyagariko sticks that are called Poteriko. I am unhappy with this photo, but the girl you can slightly see on the left side of the photo just would not scoot out of the way even though we waited for quite a long time. I think she was enjoying her chips too much. Totally understandable.

The non-fried Jyagariko sticks are delicious. The fried ones are more than delicious!! The closest thing to compare these to would be a piping hot french fry, but these are 100 times better. The outside is the perfect crispiness and the inside is hot and has an amazing mashed potato-ish texture. They’re “salad” flavored, but I really have no clue why they call it that because it’s pretty much just a basic salty flavor.

My friend and I were in Tokyo for another week or so and we went to Calbee Plus shops at least two more times. I don’t have any photos, but we also tried the potato chips and the Potechurro. The potato chips were good, but nothing extraordinarily special. Now, the Potechurro was paradise in fried form. It was obviously made out of potato, but the texture was almost similar to mochi and I cannot even describe how good it was.

From what I could tell, some of the stores have their own specialty flavor. It would be fun to do a Calbee Plus tour and try all the different flavors. The Calbee Plus shops can be found all over Tokyo, especially at a lot of the tourist spots. Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Station, Takeshita Street (Harajuku), Makuhari AEON, Diver City (Odaiba), and a few other places scattered across Japan. I’ll leave a link to the shop index which uses Google Maps so if you’re in Tokyo be sure to check it out and stuff your face!

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