Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty [Diver City Odaiba]

I’m sure all of you know by now that here at Latte Japan we love character cafes! I had heard that a new Hello Kitty Cafe opened in Odaiba a few months ago and finally got the chance to check it out with Ariel and her sister. We met up at Diver City and headed to the cafe!

It has a cute British theme and I love it! I’m kinda glad it’s not all super pink and pastel. There is nothing wrong at all with pink and pastel, but a change is nice too once in a while. I love how bright the cafe is. We arrived around 11 and were happy to find that there was not a long line and there were plenty of tables open.

At this cafe you order and pay at the counter before you grab a seat. We spent quite a long time looking at the menu and deciding on what to eat. There were so many cute desserts and drinks to choose from. One visit is not enough!

There’s a huge bedazzled Hello Kitty statue in the cafe that you can take photos with…or just look at. It was so sparkly! I really like the cute pink glasses.

There is also a cafe exclusive gachapon with cute pin badges. You can pop in 200 yen and get one of the cute badges shown on the front. I never know what to do with pin badges so I ended up not getting any. I have so many Disney ones that are just sitting in a basket on my desk. What do you do with your pin badges?

The posters! I’m not a huge Hello Kitty fan, but I wouldn’t mind having one of these in my office. I love the colors and theme. The concept of Cafe de Miki is London of course and I guess that’s where Hello Kitty was born. Confusing, I know. A Japanese character that was made in Japan and born in London.

The interior was so cute! I didn’t get a photo of it, but there was a cute book shelf that was decorated with old books and little trinkets. I love the cushions too! Like I mentioned earlier, the lighting was fantastic and perfect for taking photos.

Hidden Hello Kitty Bows! Kinda like Hidden Mickeys?

Now, on to the food! This was a strawberry milk drink, I believe. I forget what exactly it was called, but it was super cute and super pink! The coasters that came with the iced drinks were super adorable as well.

This is my Hello Kitty Latte with a cocoa kitty on top.

Aaaand my cute coaster. It looks like the bear (?) is having a hard time seeing.

Hello Kitty pancakes! Pretty simple, but they looked and smelled delicious! I love thin pancakes. Japanese people seem to tend to like the thicker hot cakes. (What is the difference between a pancake and hot cake anyway? I always called the fat ones hot cakes, but I dunno if that’s correct or not.)

Ariel’s apple pie a la mode!

My crazily huge Hello Kitty parfait!

It’s beautiful! I’m not a huge banana lover, but this parfait was really nice with cream, sponge cake, brownie pieces, ice cream, corn flakes, and chocolate syrup. There was a cute little Hello Kitty macaron on top too!

Finally I had to get these cute Hello Kitty daifukus. They are made with mochi on the outside and custard and strawberry paste on the inside. I actually had to ask Ariel and her sister to try them for me because I was so full from the big parfait!

I would definitely go back to the Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty! There were so many other things I wanted to try. The mall got more and more crowded as the day went on so I’m really glad that we were able to go when it wasn’t busy. If you’re visiting or live near the Odaiba area, definitely go to Diver City and check out this cute cafe.



  1. Piper says:

    The food looks really yummy. I’m in California and from what I learned growing up, pancakes and hotcakes can be used interchangeably, but certain regions in the US usually say one or the other.

    Love the hidden bows in the brick!

    • Abi says:

      In Japan they tend to say hot cakes, but the Hawaiian ones that are popular are called pancakes…so confusing. Haha

  2. Zoe says:

    Cuteee!!! Just found your blog and loving it!

    Is this a pop up cafe or is it a permanent one? Would love to go there during my trip in December! :)

  3. SBO says:


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    To order a hot or cold. For those who like to drink, coffee milk Taste it is coffee with milk.

    A concentrated much like espresso or cappuccino. Charm is that the temperature of the milk are reasonable.

    And the milk at the lips.

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