Anime Makeup: Creamy Mami and Sailor Moon

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A long time ago I pre-ordered some Anime makeup products from Bandai, so long ago in fact that I ended up forgetting about this. To my delightful surprise I received a Creamy Mami compact and Sailor Moon lip balm in the mail. I’m no expert in makeup nor do I wear it that often but the Bandai makeup is always sure to please.

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Up first is the Creamy Mami Compact! This is her first magical weapon she gets so it’s kind of cool it could double for Cosplay too! It’s got a great mirror and the brush is amazingly cute. The eye shadow applies on sparkly and will require a few coats if you prefer the color to be more visible. I’d highly recommend this to any Creamy Mami fan and  give it 4 ½ stars just for how cute it is alone but the price was a bit on the higher side.

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Next up is the Sailor Moon lip balm or to be more specific Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Sailor Moon makeup has been released since last year’s 20th anniversary as well as the new anime Sailor Moon Crystal. These products go fast so I feel a little victorious being able to pre-order this. It was well worth the wait and the money! So much details in the whole thing. The lip balm applies on clear but is scented and looks like the colors of the two sailor scouts. The coolest feature is that each one has a tiny mirror on it so you can check out how your new lip balm looks. I’m pretty pleased with this that I’ll give it a 5 out of 5. Have you gotten any anime makeup lately?

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