Akihabara on Sundays

If you love Anime then Akihabara is the place for you! It’s no secret this is the Anime capital of Japan. It’s a great place to find merchandise from your favorite Animes and UFO catchers goods are sold in just about every store. Akihabara also has great opportunity to meet Manga Artists. Most of the events take place on weekends and it can get very crowded so making reservations is the safest bet. Not every place is child friendly so just be cautious when taking the little ones. Akihabara is always always changing so it’s one of those places you just have to explore and have different experiences each time!

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Maid Cafes are around every corner in Akiba but the most famous would be Maid Dreaming. It’s very easy to find along the main strip of the shops. They tend to be pricey but are just like character cafes, fun and cute food!

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Every Sunday it gets so crowed they close down one of the roads along the main strip so people can walk in the street. I like going on week days best because it’s a pain to be in small shops with 100 other people. Still walking in the street is a nice change because sidewalks are usually tiny in Japan or even non-existent sometimes! I could spend a whole day  just walking around and looking at the buildings! I’m a big fan of the Arcades too and there are always new games to test out here.


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It feels like an Anime convention every time I go! I would recommend going to Taito Station and Club Sega for the best UFO catcher selections! The Akiba shop is also really good for souvenirs!

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My husband is a fan of the manga “中国嫁日記” “A Chinese Wife And An Otaku Husband” so that particular trip we made reservations for the autograph session with Inoue Junichi. You can even read bits of his manga on his site. It was very exciting and something I’d like to do again maybe with Clamp or Watase Yuu! Thank you for reading!! Let us know which days you prefer to go to Akihabara and if you’ve every gone on a Sunday!?

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